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Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant

San Antonio Mexican Restaurant
Celebrating 50 Years

Where the Locals Eat Mexican Food … Since 1968
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Best Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio

Celebrating 50 Years

Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant invites you to experience our tradition of great Mexican food.

Where the locals eat Mexican food in San Antonio… Since 1968
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, open every day at 7am. Open late. Full bar.

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Don Pedro started small, and has grown up on the Southside and watched it blossom into a vibrant community. Serving generations of families, with staff that knew what your Grandma liked to order, and now her Grandchildren’s favorites!

Don Pedro Founders Ruben and Sylvia are still involved in the restaurantLeticia and Ruben Sepulveda Sr. started working at Don Pedro in 1972. Leticia as a cook, and Ruben as a waiter.  Just six years later, they became full owners of Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant.

Leticia’s mother taught her to cook Monterrey style Mexican food, a regional cuisine with plentiful meat dishes, dairy, and desserts – and Leticia brought them to Don Pedro.  Leticia and Monterrey’s culinary tradition has influenced the menu ever since.  Now their kids own and operate the restaurant – but Leticia still keeps an eye on the kitchen.

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Delicious Monterrey Style Cuisine with lots of meat

A Favorite

Sopapillas with whipped cream and honey


Puffy Tacos in San Antonio at Don Pedro